Maximum Diamond Pads

Unique system of professional polishing quick and easy application without any experience needs to leave for a MAXIMUM finished polishing.

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About Us

Maximopulido is not just a service company that restores all types of floors it is the exclusive distributor of an innovative polishing is manufactured in Europe.

This system 1,2,3, maximopulido allows us to make the best finishes without chemicals, the stone to be polished up with equivalent to 8500 grains in calculations beans a diamond tip allows the gloss last longer and crisp.

Tests in Europe, Central America and the United States so far show and let the quality of finishing his closest competition.

Eliminating the use of fleece and crystallizer, in turn eliminates the use of shining or polishing powders that are always harmful to health and the planet when it should be manufactured industrially.

The finishes our system also cuts in execution time and reduces the possibility of error in the execution of work to zero, this is because only water is used in its implementation and the brightness is achieved with the movements of the machine and we can say we offer a mechanical crystallized where the final finish is maximopulido.


Daniel Angulo